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Many would think of porn stars as little more than common whores but there is a key difference, whores earn that title by braving the streets and fucking whoever comes their way without a second thought. They don’t have the commodities of a comfy studio, all they have it the freezing night and the warmth of a passing stranger and they do it all for a meager living! These girls are picked right off the mean streets and given a task they are familiar with, to please a customer. You won’t be seeing any big name stars performing here, only the raw reality of the denizens of the night and the ladies that still practice the world’s oldest profession! They have skills that will make those fake whores seem like little more than Barbie dolls, keep in mind that these escorts are from some of the roughest parts of town so they ain’t no gentle and delicate girls.

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Some of them are hot while others may seem weary from their years of living rough, but they all have a clear mission and it’s to fuck and earn their keep. The fact that the cameras are rolling is little more than an incentive. They are not porn stars, they are as close as you get to professional fuckers and as much as they may playfully pose and have fun for the camera you have to keep the fact in mind that they only worry about the cock put before them. An escort is pretty much the perfect adventure for many, why? Because you just pick them up when they are available and drop them off at the side of the road and the best part is that they are expecting it! These women have perfected fucking into more than just an art form, for them it’s a way of life and a full-time job so you can bet they actually have the skills to make men cum like crazy. One more thing you should know about these whores, their fees have been covered so you can relax and enjoy the content available in this free porn tube without ever having to pay a single dime of your hard earned cash! It’s all the fun of using an escort without the need to pay for one.

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